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Historic building Restoration

The relationship between society and historic buildings has been like a pendulum, swinging between preservation and demolition for the sake of progress. At BARJAL Company, we have utilized our expertise to meticulously restore historic buildings. We undertake these restoration projects because we believe in granting these buildings a second life, sometimes even a third, fourth, or fifth, as they hold significant meaning for the community.

Marrakech holds a special place in our hearts as it is our hometown, and we take great pleasure in working on building projects within this city. The region is rich in historic buildings that serve as a window into the vibrant past of the area.

BARJAL Company’s Design-Build approach to historic building restoration ensures that we pay meticulous attention to every detail while keeping projects on schedule and within the allocated budget, no matter the challenges we encounter. We understand that it is the small details that truly define and preserve the essence of these buildings.

If you own or have your sights set on a historic building and wish to breathe new life into it, our team of experts in historic building restoration is ready to discuss your project. Request a consultation with us to embark on a journey that will restore your historic building and pave the way for a future as remarkable as its past.


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